Dhiraj kumar, A Creative Head & Multimedia expert of HTML, CSS, jQuery, Flash, Video, Presentation, xhtml, javascript, Photoshop, xml, 3Ds Max, Maya

Dhiraj Kumar
Dhiraj Kumar
Creative Head
[Weblink .in (P) Ltd.]
Dhiraj kumar  is an Information Technology graduate who loves learning new things.  A very popular and colorful individual, he has a particular passion for people, blogs, and the use of technology for social progress. He spends the whole day sitting in front of the computer, making himself updated with the new updates in technologies going on around him.

He has more than 15 years of experience in the field of Website designing and Accessibility. He has a strong hand in Flash animation, 2D and 3D Presentation, UI web softwares in Flash with Action Scripting 2.0 / 3.0, Video Presentations, Flash Presentations, xhtml, CSS, Java scripting, jQuery, Photoshop, 3Ds Max, Maya etc.

This is his personal website where he like to do stuff as writing tutorials and share updated web development info. If you find anything remotely interesting on this blog (or wanna suggest anything) please leave a comment 🙂

About these articles which Dhiraj has posted on this blog, Please Note that:

  1. No matter how did they came.. matter is how useful are they.
  2. My motive is to aware about these technology updates.
  3. Nothing copyright about reuse content. If inspired with any effect, then you are free to use it in your website free.

30 thoughts on “Dhiraj kumar, A Creative Head & Multimedia expert of HTML, CSS, jQuery, Flash, Video, Presentation, xhtml, javascript, Photoshop, xml, 3Ds Max, Maya

  1. Hi, Dhiraj ,
    I liked your post. I am a web designer and in this field just for an year and a half. but not much as experienced as you.
    Thanks for your post.
    Can you tell me i want’t learn jquery in an advanced stage . now i am just downloading some jqueries and installing in my sites according to clients requirement but iwould like to customise jqueries acc to my choice. from where i shall be able to learn about those. any help?

  2. Hi amitabha,
    Thanks for visit & contact me.
    You can find all your requirements here. Please visit some links about jQuery,
    https://dhirajkumarsingh.wordpress.com/2012/03/11/jquery-basic-how-to-use-jquery-how-jquery-works/ , https://dhirajkumarsingh.wordpress.com/2012/03/11/tutorialsintroducing_document-ready/ , https://dhirajkumarsingh.wordpress.com/jquery-selectors-important-aspects-of-jquery-library/ .
    If you want to learn more please visit : http://www.jquery.com

    I am also updating this blog frequently. Hope you will find more knowledge in future.

  3. Dear Sir

    Pl tell me how to learn templating in photoshop , its slicing , implementation in web with cross brower scripting

  4. Hi ,First OF Thnxx for help all designer
    I see here many use full link i am web designer. i have just 1 one year experiences. i use jQuery in my all site my site . i have no basic knowledge but i used it .i learn div tag more i work on but i want more advances div if u have any good link for this pleas share with me i want too make web site as out country designer i also used css 3 u do good keep it sir have nice day

  5. Hi Dheeraj,

    I have seen some of your blog related to JQuery. Those are great. I have blog which is specifically for Java guys. But we don’t have expertise in web designing part. Want to know if you have any interest in exchanging your experience with us by writing some guest post on our blog.
    Please check our blog and let us know by sending us a mail.


  6. You have posted good Article dheeraj ! Keep posting the good web stuff, You have covered most of topic, where people get stuck 🙂


  7. Hi, Dhiraj ,
    I liked your post. I am a web designer and in this field just for 5 year and a half. but not much as experienced as you.
    Thanks for your post.

  8. Hi, Dhiraj sir i read your css tool tips and prefer it it’s cool .
    and i have an problem about unicode character set in css can you tell me how to use it

  9. Hi, Dhiraj Sir,

    how to design our web site using div tag not table tag , and how to manage our web site for all web browser looking same.

    Any rule to make CSS

    how to CSS for ASP .net control like Gridview , DropDownlist, TextBox,

    Please send me link for JQuery chart.

    how to check CSS is not redundant , how to test CSS.

  10. Hi sir, I am jagdish singh. I like your profile. I want to store data in MySql Database using HTML5 with the help of node.js. How it will be possible? Please give me an example.

    jagdish singh

  11. Hi Dhiraj,

    I am trying this slider which one you used on ur site. Trying to learn of copy paste jquery. But not able to do on correct way. On your main index file only for slider..here view-source:http://demo.web3designs.com/Responsive_DG_Slider/fullscreen-responsive-image-slider.htm

    These 4 jquery links are there

    I tried on my local file .. but when i delete the 1st link of “http://….” in my local file this is not working. Then can you tell me how to use this without taking this link from online server. i want it to happen in my local without calling the file from online server.

    Plz help me out


  12. hey dhiraj ,
    I want to ask ,how to compatible my website in all browser without useing hack code,( ie -6 to 10 )

    rahul kapoor

  13. In your “Cool notification messages with CSS” post, the only thing I would like to know now is how to make the cool notification go away when someone clicks elsewhere on the document or presses the ESC key. Is that hard to add? (I tried to post there, but it kept saying error submitting post).

  14. Hi dhiraj
    I am a web designer, I want to get the similar wheel effect to be done for one pf my client?? see video-rama.co.uk
    The rotating wheel effect at the back of index page, i am trying to finish. could you please help me how to do it??
    sanjay kumar

  15. I please need a navigation menu tht indicate when a user is in a page.
    And image slider that can display both picx and info to client about object sliding in and out

    Can u help…need help

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